Death Overflows


Ian Watson & Andy West


Death Overflows

The doctor´s researches in the jungles of southern Ethiopia bear fruit during fanatical years of anguish and toil. He isolates the deadly jinn that can reap nations.

Abigail and Paul, desperate to warn the world of the global biological attack which they are sure is imminent, are captured and held incommunicado by extreme Christian fundamentalists who have their own crazy agenda regarding the pestilence.

A surprise rescue leads to Paul exposing himself to plague while heroically opposing the fundamentalists’ inside their private bio-research laboratory.

As he goes into quarantine and the devastating real Black Death, nothing to do with rats-fleas and puny Yersinia pestis, begins to ravage the world, will Abigail’s discoveries save the lives of several billion people?


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  • Colección Nube Inquisitor
  • En inglés
  • Tecnothriller, novela histórica
  • Disponible en epub, mobi y pdf