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«Fluidly written, with finely drawn characters and spot-on historical research, Assassins(Book 1 of The Waters of Destiny) is a tightly plotted international thriller that flips effortlessly between the 12th and 21st centuries to tell a gripping tale of ancient hatreds and modern-day nightmares. Starring a murderous sect of medieval Muslims – that may just have survived into our own age – a Christian fundamentalist US Government agent hot on their trail, and a sexy Canadian history professor looking for love in all the wrong places, Assassins packs in conspiracy, action, romance and clock-ticking suspense into one thoroughly enjoyable Dan Brown-style yarn. Highly recommended.» — says Angus Donald, bestselling author of The Outlaw Chronicles

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Historian Abigail finds an old poem which drags her into a web of intrigue.
A 12th Century Arab doctor of genius discovered the true cause of the Black Death— can modern terrorists exploit his work?

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Funded by the Assassins of Alamut, Hakim the doctor fights his way to knowledge in Ethiopia. Abigail finds herself robbing medieval tombs while a fanatical carrier of plague arrives in America.

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Hakim succeeds in isolating and storing plague—which modern Assassins now release upon the world. Despite Abigail’s kidnap by Christian fundamentalists, might her discoveries still save billions of lives?