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Assassins- Ian Watson & Andy West

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Canadian historian Abigail Leclair´s discovery of an enigmatic medieval poem leads to a menacing visit from ICE, a branch of America´s Homeland Security. But how can medieval religious fanatics, the Assassins of Alamut, have any possible connection with present day terrorism? Abigail´s intense curiosity, and her refusal to be cowed, leads her to a reckless and exciting jaunt across hazardous Middle Eastern lands in company with a charismatic Syrian professor.

Meanwhile, back in the 12th century, a Syrian doctor of genius is obsessed with understanding the nature of the deadly plague known today as the Black Death, the «seeds» of which he risks his life to discover amid tribal warfare deep in the forests of Ethiopia.

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  • Colección Nube Inquisitor
  • En inglés
  • Tecnothriller, novela histórica
  • Disponible en epub, mobi y pdf