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Tongue of Knowledge


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Funded and escorted by Assassins, the ruthless Syrian doctor returns to Ethiopia, his party hacking their way through hostile territory and pirate attack. After a bizarre attempt on her life, Abigail finds herself robbing a medieval tomb in Provence, attempting to find the precious Waters of Life, during which episode she is betrayed and finds herself on the wrong end of a gun.

Jack Turner, the persecutory agent of ICE, intervenes to save her life and that of her new companion, Paul Summers, a Boston news reporter. All three go on to rob another centuries-old grave in southern Spain, yet this crime is also beset by calamity. Abigail is getting close to solving the riddle of medieval and modern terrorism. But already a modern-day Assassin has arrived in America, carrying within his very veins a lethal package.

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  • Colección Nube Inquisitor
  • En inglés
  • Tecnothriller, novela histórica
  • Disponible en epub, mobi y pdf